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What Does The Public Think About IASO?

We are already almost two months in 2021, and while the public is excited about IASO Ultra, we still can’t forget IASO! In fact, IASO is actually receiving quite a lot of feedback on Amazon. It is without a doubt that IASO is quite a unique product, and it’s quite difficult to find a similar product in the marketplace, so the reviews are truly authentic and not relative to other portable cold laser therapy products. Simply because they don’t exist! We wanted to highlight some of our rave reviews that our customers have been leaving for us!

The biggest highlight of this review is the second last sentence. “This is such an AFFORDABLE yet effective alternative of physical therapy.” Many people often question the price of this product and mistake it for a simple massage product; however, IASO is a FDA-registered medical grade cold laser therapy product. After using the product, this customer found that it was in fact, much more affordable than physical therapy. We are so grateful and honored that we can be part of this customer’s healing process journey!

The first sentence explains it all. IASO is a cold laser therapy product, not a massage device. At the perfect timing, the customer was able to experience pain relief and is thoroughly enjoying the product. Because it’s so small and compact, IASO can be attached almost anywhere in the body with pain. We are just as excited as this customer for their pain management.

This review came from an Amazon-certified “Top 50 Reviewer” and she has found great success using IASO. Short and simple but delivers the message clearly--That’s all that needs to be said about the powerhouse. IASO is the perfect solution for you!

When the staff at IASO reads these story-type reviews, it sincerely puts a big smile on our faces. By using IASO, she was able to relieve the pain that she was experiencing for several years. Also, she left a comment about the customer service--our fast, friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is always available to help. If you have any questions or issues regarding your product, you can always feel free to e-mail us at or call us. We will do our best to answer or solve your questions.

This customer is raving about IASO’s excellent customer service as well; however, the customer did mention a need for a band that could be used on the knee. Unfortunately, IASO’s armband is only recommended for the arm or wrist areas. However, IASO Ultra has not only a band that can be used on the knees and thighs, it is overall a bigger device!

IASO Ultra is currently LIVE on Indiegogo with only 25 more days left in the campaign! Take advantage of the Early Bird Special before they all run out!

Lastly, if you want to be the one experiencing the content in these magical reviews, take advantage of our special early spring 20% off sale for a limited time only! We invite you to experience the ultramodern future of pain relief!

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