IASO: Portable Pain Reliever Whenever, Wherever

Be pain free with cold laser therapy to heal body tissues and help with pain relief.


Switch between three different massage modes for that perfect pain relief


Take it anywhere with its small and compact size! You can use IASO whenever, wherever


Wear IASO to your daily events and spend more time doing things you wanted to do!



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IASO really works. See some of our results:

We know you wanted to live a little bit more freely.

Let’s admit it. Our lives are busy. Perhaps you’re working in front of a computer. It’s difficult to find time to relax-–let alone go to a spa or get a massage. We all sometimes come home to some type of stiffness or even worse, pain.


Think of all the time and money you’ve wasted searching for effective solutions

With IASO, you will be able to experience  pain relief and muscle relaxation without wasting time.


IASO uses state-of-the-art cold laser therapy, which stimulates healing of body tissues and relief from pain with no adverse side effects.

Wear it Whenever

& Wherever

The small and compact, yet mighty size of IASO makes it even easier to carry around anywhere ease that pain.

You can either use the arm band for your arms, or the adhesive hydrocolloid patches to place IASO anywhere on your body and let IASO work its magic!


Spend More Time Doing The Stuff

You Wanted

Because IASO is completely versatile, you can wear it while doing anything, which gives you more time to do activities you’ve wanted to do! IASO is easy to use wherever you are, including:

  • The Gym: The best way to recover your muscles after an intense workout

  • At Home: Stay-at-home mom? Wear IASO while doing household chores! 

  • At Work: Rough day? Soothe your muscles on your wrist after a long day in front of the computer!

  • On-the-Go: Whether it be at the park, or the drive to work, IASO’s compact design and long-lasting battery will have you covered wherever you are.


“I honestly put IASO on during my drive to and from work and I’m already seeing drastic improvement on my chronic pain!”

-Amazon Customer-

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

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IASO offers three massage modes:

  1. Light Therapy ONLY Mode

  2. Light Therapy + Vibration Mode

  3. Light Therapy + Rhythmic Vibration Mode 

  • Cold laser therapy is one of the most innovative and latest technologies to enter the market which offers excellent treatment for pain

  • Also known as low level laser or red light therapy, it increases blood flow to the area and helps with improved blood circulation, which contributes to pain relief.

  • There are no adverrse side effects. It emits light in very specific therapeutic wavelengths of 650nm and 830 nm, so no drugs are needed.

  • Users can use the three different massage modes which they can easily cycle through by clicking its single button.​​


IASO is wearable with an arm band or a hydrocolloid patch. Just wear and go!

Compact & Convenient

With its small and compact size, you can take IASO with you anywhere you want. The possibilities are endless.


IASO only weighs 28 grams, making it equivalent to a slice of bread.


One IASO device gives you access to personal massage 24 hours per day.


The long-lasting battery can be charged, so there is no need to worry about switching batteries!

Heading 1

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Rebecca Johnston

Olympic Gold Medalist 

Loving my new IASO unit! It’s a cold laser therapy device and it’s easy to use!


Dr. Daniel Oberton

 Physical Therapist

I’ve been doing a lot of sitting lately, and it started bothering my neck. IASO helped with pain relief and overall blood flow improvement.


Jiamin Yan


Been using IASO for awhile now and it’s been super useful! It’s compact, portable and I bring it wherever I go!


Dr. Beau Pierce

Sports Chiropractor

I have seen positive results with patients from IASO as they are reporting decreased pain, immediate improved range of motion and reduction of tissue swelling.

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What’s in the Box?


Is IASO safe to use?

Absolutely. IASO uses cold-laser technology, which is non-invasive and drug-free. IASO also does not have any side effects.

Is there a limit of treatments per day?

There is no limit of treatments; however, we strongly recommend to use the device 1-3 times per day and with 30 minutes per session.

What is the wavelength of the device?

IASO provides 650nm and 830 nm.

What is the power?

The maximum laser power is 5mW.

Are the patches reusable?

No. The adhesive patches included are disposable and is only good for one-time use.

Can I purchase extra bands and extra patches?

Yes, you may order extra bands and patches through our website.

What is the warranty?

IASO has a one-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship from WellsCare.

IASO: The Futuristic Pain Reliever


”IASO is a fantastic device that’s easy to use and really helps with muscular discomfort and pain. I love how you can apply it almost anywhere and I have found it particularly useful for my neck and shoulders!”

-Amazon Customer-


With IASO, you can…


  • Be completely pain-free!

  • Live a more active lifestyle

  • Spend more time with friends and family!

  • Stay on top of your daily routine!



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