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IASO Ultra: All-Inclusive Medical-Grade Treatment.

IASO Ultra combines cold laser therapy, blue LED, heat therapy, and vibration massage for the ultimate pain relief therapy. 

Simply place the device on any aching or painful areas especially those with larger surface areas such as your back, shoulders, and thighs and let Wellscare handle the rest.



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Do not use IASO Ultra


Pregnant Women

Children under 13

Hypersensitive skin with allergies


Patients with

cardiovascular disease

Body temperature 100°F or more

Open wounds after depilation

  • Do not use the device around water. Use and store the device in a dry place. 

  • Avoid external vibration or impacts when storing, using or carrying the device. 

  • Do not use on deep wounds or bleeding wounds. 

  • Use only for the purposes specified in the manual. Use only the manufacturer’s genuine product. 

  • Do not use the device with cosmetics, cream, gel or ointment of other manufacturers. 

  • The device’s heated massage gives heat up to 96.8F. If the device temperature begins to feel too hot, or the heat causes discomfort, reduce each duration time, or stop the use. 

  • Should not be direct irradiation of the eyes

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Treat Your Pain 
In The Comfort 
Of Your Home.

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