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Meet IASO Ultra at Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2023

We are proud that we are showcasing IASO Ultra at one of the largest chiropractic events of the year, Parker Seminars in Las Vegas, February 23-25.

Dr. Brandon Bridgeman is presenting IASO Ultra at Booth #839 and the response has been amazing. Thank you for all those who visited us and we would like to invite those who have not. Come, see, and experience IASO Ultra!

Parker Seminars

Parker Seminars, since its first seminar in 1951 in Orlando, Florida, has hosted more than 430 seminars across the globe and trained over 40,000 doctors of chiropractic and more than 200,000 chiropractic assistants. Especially, the legendary(!) Parker Seminar Las Vegas is recognized as the largest gathering of chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and chiropractic vendors in the world!

While Parker Seminars provide a platform for learning/education and networking for chiropractic profession, the seminars include the largest expo in the profession, where vendors display the latest industry products and technologies – and this is why WellsCare is showcasing IASO Ultra, the futuristic pain relief solution based on the latest photobiomodulation technology.

IASO Ultra - the Ultra-Modern Future of Pain Relief

IASO Ultra offers a comprehensive range of photobiomodulation therapy with its trifecta of therapeutic cold laser, 605nm, 830nm, and 905nm combined with blue LED of 435 nm.

While it is a portable and wearable device which can be worn with bands included in the package, we also made sure to provide ultimate therapeutic therapy experience with vibration and heat therapy.

February 25 is the last day of Parker Seminars. Come, see, and experience IASO Ultra today!

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