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IASO to Launch on B8ta!

IASO has undoubtedly been a gadget that has been proving its worth. Wellscare showcased the world’s first hands-free wearable cold laser device. Cold laser therapy, also called low level laser, is proven to reduce inflammation and open up blood vessels to increase blood flow to help soothe and relieve pain quickly and effectively.

WellsCare made it possible to bring this technology into a compact, lightweight wearable device that you can enjoy the therapy anywhere, even on the go. This out-of-the-ordinary technology has truly been helping people with their chronic pain and muscle tension such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis etc, as shown in the many positive product reviews on Amazon Store and

IASO, currently available only at Amazon and, will soon become available at offline stores. WellsCare is proud to present that IASO will officially launch on b8ta soon in October!

What exactly is b8ta?

B8ta is called a ‘retail-as-a-service’ company with 18 standalone retail stores. These stores serve as presentation centers for consumer electronics and other various goods. b8ta presents a selection of Innovative and unique products in their brick and mortar stores, where the products are displayed out-of-the-box for customers to physically test and experience them.

The store employees, also known as “b8ta testers” are trained on the products that they will essentially become experts. Customers are free to ask any questions as they are exploring and testing the products.

b8ta will offer a great opportunity for customers to visit and physically test out IASO for themselves, who then will be able to make a direct purchase at the store or online as they prefer.

IASO will be on display at 15 b8ta stores nationwide including stores in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Seattle. You can check out the full list of where you can test IASO here.*

If you’re planning on visiting a b8ta store, make sure to check out b8ta’s COVID-19 in-store shopping guidelines.

You can also purchase IASO immediately on or through Amazon. For any questions, please contact

* IASO will not be on display in the Austin, Chicago, Santa Monica, and international locations during the initial launch but will be added soon after.

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