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IASO Cold Laser Therapy: The Scientific Evidence

IASO has proved its worth to the public by offering ultramodern pain relief. The public absolutely adores it.

But...where’s the actual proof? In a digital era today, people may rely more on social proof and user reviews, which is understandable. The most reliable credibility, however, is legitimate scientific proof. Social proof, coupled with scientific proof creates an ultimate synergy effect in terms of credibility.

Although low level laser therapy (LLLT) is known to be safe and effective treatment in a variety of conditions, high levels of evidence must be provided to support the use of treatment methods in today’s medical environment. Wellscare came well-prepared for this question, as they conducted experiments and studies to test if this mighty IASO scientifically works its magic. But no one really enjoys reading an extremely long scientific report on anything, so we made it easier for you by highlighting the noteworthy results.

The overall hypothesis of this study was that “wearable low-level laser therapy has a statistically significant effect on alleviating clinical symptoms in patients with chronic pain in upper and lower extremities joints.”

To test the effectiveness, one of the studies conducted was monitoring the wrist with an infrared camera. IASO was applied on the dorsal wrist for five minutes, and the wrist was monitored for two minutes after stopping the application as well to see the wrist status.

The wrist begins to see a color change after the first minute of usage, demonstrating the effect of the laser on the wrist. After five minutes of use, the wrist is noticeably redder, exhibiting the temperature change. The peculiar part to note, however, is the temperature of the hand post-therapy.

First Photo: Hand Before Applying IASO

Second Photo: Hand 120 Seconds After Applying IASO

The infrared camera portrays an overall temperature increase in the hand two minutes after stopping the therapy. The temperature jump does not simply mean the hand is warmer. It is demonstrating the increased overall blood flow, which assists and speeds up the overall healing process of damaged tissues--something that LED light therapy or electric muscle stimulation can’t accomplish.

Furthermore, a study was conducted at Korea University’s Anam Hospital with 100 patients suffering from chronic joint pain. The study illustrates that an average of eight minutes of usage per day for two weeks results in up to 30% less pain, credibly boasting its high pain relief effect.

After other experiments and studies, Wellscare could proudly claim that the LLLT device did in fact have “a clinically and statistically significant pain reduction effect when applied to chronic joint pain of extremities and tended to increase in efficacy according to the applied dose” according to scientific evidence.

Now, we’ve shown the social proof AND the scientific proof. It’s time for you to make the wise decision. Currently, you can purchase IASO for a significantly discounted price of $159.20. Two devices are $239.29 and the quad package is $399.20. Take action soon, because this sale won’t last for long and we know the holidays season is sneaking up on you.

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