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Cold Laser Therapy VS. The Others--What’s the Difference?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The rise of personal pain relief gadgets have been trending for the past few years. As the world gets busier and frenzied, many working adults are forgetting to take care of themselves. Adults simply do not have the time to reserve that one hour for a personal massage or physical therapy. IASO, the portable pain management device, was created to solve that problem by being able to receive therapy while conducting daily activities simultaneously--killing two birds with one stone!

IASO, created by Wellscare, uses cold laser therapy, also known as low level laser therapy or red-light therapy, to soothe and relieve muscle soreness without side effects. Athletes and doctors have already been praising the product because it’s been treating chronic pain and soreness tremendously well.

Cold laser therapy, however, is not the only type of pain relief therapy in healthcare. It’s essential to know the differences between each therapy, because they may look similar, but they function quite differently.

1. Electric Muscle Stimulation

Many adults who have been to a chiropractor should have experienced this therapy. Electric muscle stimulation is often used by chiropractors to treat swelling and inflammation. EMS therapy devices can also be purchased inexpensively for pain relief, so many people who have experienced pain before might have been exposed to this therapy. During use, your muscles will feel zapped and contracted with each pulse. The biggest setback, however, is that these devices are not allowed to be used on joint areas because EMS targets only on the muscle. Most importantly, EMS does not use light therapy--the most innovative method to deliver pain relief.

2. LED Light Therapy

Have you tried using red light therapy but experienced minimal success on your pain relief? You may have been using the wrong device then. There are two main types of therapies that emit red light and it has definitely generated confusion because of its homogeneous appearance. LED light therapy is a popular therapy that is often misconstrued as “red light” therapy. Unfortunately, LED light therapy does not offer the real deal of pain relief. This non-medical therapy often operates at a low power and releases only one wavelength, thus it does not have the capability to target the deeper damaged tissues in a short period of time. While used often in the skincare and dermatology field, it has not been deemed effective for aiding pain or soreness.

Then what is actual red light therapy?

Cold laser therapy, also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT) is the method that IASO operates on. Cold laser therapy is a trending therapy that has been proven to not only reduce inflammation and swelling, but also expedites healing and regeneration of damaged tissues. Compared to the one light of wavelength that LED light therapy released, this ultramodern gadget emits light in two very therapeutic wavelengths of 650 nm and 830 nm, which have been proven to be safe by global data.*

Why pay so much money and invest so much time on visits to the doctor when you can use IASO? You may think that it may be beneficial to visit the doctor, but this small, compact yet mighty gadget has an equivalent classification as the medical laser devices used in major hospitals. This leading edge therapy can be used for anything from mild pain all the way to sports injuries and physical rehabilitation.

Customers all across the globe are applauding IASO for its effective solution to troublesome pain. Dr. Beau Pierce, a sports chiropractor, has been using IASO to treat his sports injuries patients in his clinic. He “has seen positive results with patients from IASO as they are reporting significantly decreased pain, immediate improved range of motion and reduction of tissue swelling.”

Athletes have also been raving about the forefront features of IASO, as former female basketball player “Ms. Basketball” (@msbasketball1) claims that she is “so happy that she does not have to go to a spa every week. [She] can actually pop IASO on wherever [she’s] aching, and let them work its magic.”

Not only that, cold laser therapy has been researched for over 100 years and continues to be researched and developed in North America as an official medical treatment device.

So all in all--LED light therapy and cold laser therapy are not the same. Don’t let the appearance fool or deceive you, as their purposes are completely different, and it’s on people like us to be able to differentiate the two.

So now we know which one works best. Let’s now make action. You can purchase IASO for 20% off for a limited time only by visiting here or if you want to learn more about IASO’s cold laser therapy, you can visit Holidays season is coming up, and this would be the perfect end-of-the-year gift to families and loved ones.

*Stay tuned for next week’s post regarding clinical data on IASO’s cold laser therapy!

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