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We're excited that we've been invited to DESIGN KOREA 2022! Yes, we were one of the honored exhibitors at Maison et Object in Paris early this year. This time, DESIGN KOREA 2022 arrives in Seoul and took place across various locations in Seoul.

At DESIGN KOREA 2022, the theme was Mega Impact Design Trend 2023 and Beyond, which explores trends for the upcoming year with various programs it offered including exhibitions, international conferences, and publications.

Some might wonder why medical products like IASO and IASO Ultra were invited to Design Korea. As many of you would agree, visual aesthetics of a product is one of the important aspects that create value for consumers in this modern market. And that is why we put much effort also in designing our products simple, sleek, and modern, not to mention making them effective in pain relief and convenient to use.

Likewise, Design Korea, while focusing on design, also addresses topics of technology, society, and culture. We were honored to exhibit our products with 2,000+ products from 500 global designers and companies from various background!

It is always fascinating to meet with inspiring startups and businesses at trade shows and exhibitions. More importantly, we were overwhelmed with the amount of interests and support we received from the visitors at Design Korea 2022. We are very grateful for all those who visited our booth during the exhibition.

We will be back with more news in our next blog. Happy Holidays!

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