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WellsCare now in JAPAN!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Since we launched IASO in the US market back in 2019, it has been one of our main goals to expand the market around the globe to introduce the advanced cold laser technology to all those who suffer chronic and acute pain. That is why we have been actively participating various exhibitions in different countries including CES even during the pandemic, whether in-person or virtual.

Thanks to the advancements made in vaccinations and the efforts to stop the pandemic, we are now returning to our everyday activities. And we are excited that WellsCare can now finally resume participating exhibitions to meet with our customers, vendors, buyers, and all those who are interested in learning about our products!

KOREA Trade Show Tokyo 2022

KOREA Trade Show Tokyo 2022 is one of the exhibitions that we were honored to participate and we’d like to share our day at the exhibition.

KOREA Trade Show Tokyo started in 2002 and marks its 21st year in 2022. Its aim is to introduce promising Korean products to the Japanese market and provide business opportunities to entrepreneurs in both countries. We were invited as one of the companies invited to this exhibition under Health and Medical Category.

We showcased our product lines including IASO, IASO Ultra, IASO Smart, and IASO Pro during the exhibition. The response from the Japanese market was great and the enthusiasm we felt from potential buyers and vendors was much stronger than we expected. Again we thank you for those who visited us during Korea Trade Show Tokyo and we welcome any inquiries or questions. Please contact us at or +1 (213) 205-7051.

For those who want to purchase our products in Japan, IASO is available at and we are also currently working with b8ta JAPAN that you can experience IASO at their showrooms soon! We will post another blog soon with more updates. Stay tuned!

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