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WellsCare at FIME 2023

WellsCare will be at FIME 2023!

It is officially the first trade show in the United States that we attend as an exhibitor after the pandemic. We are so excited to meet with those in the medical industry and hope to see you there!

Florida International Medical Expo, known as FIME, is one of the most significant trade fairs for medical devices, products, services, and technologies in the United States. FIME this year is having 1,200+ exhibitors and expecting to have 12,000+ visitors!

We will be showcasing our IASO brand products, IASO, IASO Ultra, and IASO Pro. IASO Pro is developed specifically for medical professionals, and it will be a great opportunity for you to see and experience this new addition to our IASO product line.

Please visit us at Booth Y15A, FIME.

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We will be back with more updates! Stay tuned. We will be back with more updates! Stay tuned.

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