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We're in this together.

We understand during this unprecedented time that financial situations have taken a drastic hit. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last few weeks and we recognize everyone who is making a concerted effort to help flatten the curve and beat Covid-19.

We at IASO know that part of working together is us doing what we can to assist our customers who are suffering with pain management at a time when it’s more difficult gain access to our usual pain management methods such as physiotherapy, massage and other therapies. Sacrifices are being made because people are compassionate and want to come through this together. But our bodies will still possess any pain, injury or issues they had prior to the outbreak of the virus.

It’s important to us that we be there for you in whatever way we can. Because of this, we have launched a massive sale on our devices so you can now access our wearable cold laser pain relief device at a greatly reduced price.

With our IASO device, you no longer need to live in pain. You can live better with IASO, the world’s first hands-free wearable cold laser pain relief device. It is a wearable personal massager that utilizes light therapy to provide fast and effective pain relief. It uses lower-level cold laser therapy to reduce inflammation and open up the blood vessels which in turn increases the blood flow to remove pain swiftly and effectively.

It has three massage modes that you can use for different levels of pain relief from minor tension to chronic pain. FDA certified, we use IoT technology that links to your smartphone to allow you to monitor your pain management.

We are revolutionizing the way you manage your pain, and now you can get your own IASO device at a fraction of the cost, giving you more comfort and mobility in your day to day life.

From May 1st, a single IASO pain relief device is now only $159.20. Two devices are $239.20 and you can get a whopping four devices for $399.20.

It’s important we give back as much as we can during this crisis. If we can help facilitate your pain relief affordably, then together we can continue staying home and staying safe in comfort.

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