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The Future of Pain Relief: Inside Pauline Nordin's Routine with IASO and IASO Ultra

Pauline Nordin, the renowned personal trainer behind FighterDiet, has integrated IASO and IASO Ultra into her daily recovery routine. In our recent collaboration video, she showcases how these devices help her recover faster and perform better after intense workouts. The cold laser therapy technology in IASO Ultra plays a crucial role in maintaining her peak physical condition and reducing post-workout soreness.

Why Cold Laser Therapy Matters

IASO Ultra, developed by WellsCare, uses cold laser therapy to accelerate cell recovery and reduce inflammation. This is particularly beneficial for athletes and active individuals like Pauline, allowing them to recover quicker and manage pain effectively without the side effects of traditional treatments.

The Science Behind IASO Ultra

Unlike traditional lasers that deliver high-intensity energy in a short burst, cold lasers provide low-intensity energy over a longer period. Despite their lower intensity, they are highly effective in treating pain and promoting healing, making them suitable for home use as well as clinical settings.

WellsCare: Innovating for Better Health

Founded in 2016, WellsCare aimed to bring hospital-grade cold laser technology into homes with user-friendly devices like IASO and IASO Ultra. Continuing our innovation journey, we are working on our future projects including IASO Pro for hospitals, IASO Smart, which uses biometric signals for pain diagnosis, and IASO Neuro for treating neurological disorders. These advancements not only improve pain management but also open doors to new treatments for neurological disorders and personalized health diagnostics using biometric signals.

The Future of Pain Relief - IASO and IASO Ultra

WellsCare's IASO Ultra and IASO devices represent significant advancements in pain relief technology. Endorsed by fitness guru Pauline Nordin and embraced worldwide, WellsCare is dedicated to making life better through innovative health solutions. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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