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Reasons to Use IASO in a Home Setting

With most of us having to work from home or staying at home more than the usual amount this past year, our lives and lifestyles have definitely changed. COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our life, and we continue to be impacted today. Some customers seldom tell us “We wouldn’t need IASO since we stay home all the time.” That, however, necessarily isn’t the case. IASO actually skyrocketed in sales ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Because our lifestyle has been affected, our habits have changed too. More importantly, staying at home has resulted in less movement and exercise, and that has been actually contributing to muscle tension and pains. Let’s see how staying at home could have actually increased our needs for IASO.

1. Muscle Tension & Pain from Little to No Movement

From socially distancing to quarantine, there was a point where no one really left their home. We were advised by the country and government to stay home as much as possible, and some parts of the world are still under this advisory. Because we are in our respective homes, it has resulted in us staying in one place with minimal movement.

It could be working from home, or watching television for an extended period. It may even be your smartphone usage, since that was what many people turned to solve their boredom. Unfortunately, all these activities can lead to muscle tension and pain.

This kind of pain can actually be completely avoided with basic exercise, so simply stretching could solve the pain. Couple the stretching with a 30-minute session on IASO for an even more effective pain relief. The damaged tissues can restore quickly with IASO’s mighty cold laser.

2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

With less eating out and going out in general, the amount of household chores have also increased. Repetitive household chores can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and can be quite painful. To avoid this pain, we also recommend stretching regularly.

And again, we highly recommend pairing the stretching with a soothing therapy session with the one and only IASO for maximum relief.

Cold lasers can prevent these unnecessary pain. Whether you’re still working from home, or you’re back in the office, or any situation given -- the portable IASO is your partner for effective pain management. Cold Laser penetrates the deep tissues and joints to improve blood flow and efficiently contributes to pain relief.

Once again, COVID-19 has completely changed our lifestyle and our environment. While we do not know when we will be able to go back to complete normal, some of these “new normal” guidelines may be with us for quite some time. With home being the ultimate comfort zone for many, it is crucial to take care of your body before it’s too late. We invite you to the ultimate pain reliever for your ultimate comfort zone -- IASO by WellsCare.

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