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IASO with the Spotlight

The Month of June has been great for us! IASO got launched on and had a great response from our customer with Amazon Prime Day promotion. It's been an awesome way of celebrating our 5th anniversary!

Not only so, IASO has been benefitting from some media coverage as well from, a showplace and retail store for innovative products with the latest technology, and Arirang TV, an English-language South Korean television network based in Seoul and aimed at a foreign audience.

b8ta TV offered an informative trunk show, which consists 2 parts: 1. Interview with our Global Sales Director, Joony Suh, 2. Interview with Dr. Shelby Simon, a chiropractor in New York. It was absolutely thrilling experience to have this Trunk show live and meet with our customers online! Joony covered every single detail of the product during the show and Dr. Simon kindly shared her experience with IASO and how she is using IASO with her patients.

Here's the Trunk Show from b8ta TV!

And here's the video from Arirang TV! The revolutionary device was featured in “SMEs on the Rise” which covers startups and medium enterprises that have the potential to grow in the global market.

The video describes IASO’s great benefits, such as pain relief from cold laser therapy, and the video also shares WellsCare’s journey into how it became the business it is today.

CEO Sung Won Lee shared his vision by stating that “Instead of satisfying the existing pain treatment solution, we will continuously improve technologies by developing innovative digital healthcare platforms that can provide diagnosis as well. With the aim of providing products and values that are necessary for people who suffer from different types of inconvenience and pain, we will strive hard to achieve continuous growth.”

IASO’s adventure does not cease here. We will keep doing our best for your life without pain!

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