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IASO Welcomes Ben Leber as Brand Ambassador!

IASO is known to treat all kinds of pains, whether it be a twisted ankle or fibromyalgia. The cold laser therapy in IASO, also known as low level laser therapy, has been proven to help with sports injuries and rehabilitation. Sports injury specialists utilize this specific therapy to treat patients every single day. Because athletes are prone to injuries, it is crucial that their pain is managed efficiently and professionally, and IASO is the perfect solution for that genre of pain management.

What better way to prove this point than introducing an actual athlete who has seen success through IASO? We would like to introduce Ben Leber--an IASO enthusiast who will also serve as the brand ambassador for the prestigious product.

Ben Leber is a retired NFL linebacker that played for the San Diego Chargers and the Minnesota Vikings. Retired in 2012, he currently works as a college football broadcaster on Fox Sports and the Minnesota Vikings, as well as a side analyst for the KFAN radio in Minneapolis.

The former American football player has experienced stupendous success while using IASO. He loves using it for his joint pain, and he absolutely adores the fact that it’s portable, so he can pop it out and use it on his long flights as well.

The pain of playing in the NFL didn’t stop after I walked away from the game. That’s why I’m so thankful for IASO. The convenient size and effectiveness of IASO’s cold laser therapy allows me to manage my joint pain with an easy-to-use and stylish device from home. It’s also an essential travel tool that helps relieve my neck and shoulder pain from long plane flights. Because of all this, I’m never far from my IASO.” -Ben Leber

The brand ambassador also took part in IASO’s most recent promotional video, where he can be seen using IASO to ease his pain and stiffness after a long day.

If you are struggling with sports injuries like Ben Leber, or even any pain in general, IASO is definitely the solution for you. It can also be a perfect holiday gift for friends and family.

With the 30% Black Friday sale that’s happening all week long, there is no reason to not purchase one. Don’t miss out on the biggest sale of the year.

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