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IASO Ultra Wraps Up Successful First Week on Indiegogo!

...And that's a wrap! IASO Ultra wraps up its first week on Indiegogo raising a whopping $12,248!

IASO Ultra already received quite some attention on CES 2021 lined up as the main flagship product of 2021. Many attendees visited the virtual booth and showed interest, asking questions about the product. Needless to say, IASO Ultra was a highly anticipated product even before its launch. (You can still visit the virtual booth until February 15th if you registered for CES!)

The flagship product received attention mainly for its astonishing upgrades from the previous product. IASO was already receiving an overwhelming amount of love for its effective pain management and the minimalistic yet modern design. IASO Ultra upgraded the cold laser therapy with an extra wavelength to make it a total of three wavelengths to target that extra deep pain.

That, however, was not enough. WellsCare wanted to implement technology that makes IASO Ultra really stand out and fix pains that the smaller IASO simply could not. After careful research and experimentation, WellsCare also implemented blue LED therapy, heat therapy and upgraded vibration therapy to offer the most premium pain management gadget in the market.

These four therapies work together to create a synergistic effect and target the larger surface areas, such as thighs, upper arm and lower back. So if you’re experiencing any type of pain, IASO Ultra may be the solution for you.

And of course, while it may be bigger than the original IASO, it is still wearable, portable, lightweight, rechargeable, and most importantly--convenient. Whether you are working from home, at the office, at the gym or on the commute to your next destination, IASO Ultra can guarantee a rejuvenating therapy session.

IASO Ultra was also featured on Yanko Design as a "therapy device that relives pain using multiple technologies, without any medication!"

So what’s with the wait? Pledge IASO Ultra today on Indiegogo! And just because you’ve made it this far, we’re offering a limited time only SECRET PERK for our blog readers. You can purchase IASO Ultra Single and Double for an additional 10% off the already discounted early bird, bringing the price down to $224 and $323, respectively! Don’t stall though -- this LIMITED TIME ONLY offer will not last long.


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