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IASO to participate in CES 2021!

It's only 8 days into 2021, and WellsCare has done it again. IASO by WellsCare will be participating in the CES 2021 from January 11th-14th, 2021.

Formerly an initialism for Consumer Electronics Show, CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). The conference is typically held in Las Vegas; however, it has transitioned virtual due to the ongoing pandemic.

WellsCare participated in CES back in 2020 with IASO, along with 4,500 exhibitors and 180,000 attendees. Amongst that huge crowd, WellsCare was able to experience extreme success, leaving more excitement for 2021's convention.

WellsCare will be releasing two new innovative products and ideas in this year's convention. While we can't release all details just yet, we can give you a sneak peak at the product line.


Smart IASO- Your Everyday Care, Now Smarter

We all know that IASO has been proven to be effective for various pains all over your body. Now it's time to be strategic about it. And it's not you that has to do the thinking. Smart IASO connects via Bluetooth to a new smartphone app to provide the most optimal professional pain therapy solution based on user aggregated pain therapy data.


IASO Ultra

As introduced in the previous blog post, IASO Ultra will also make its commercial debut at CES 2021. Also known as the upgrade of the original IASO, IASO Ultra has implemented additional new features, such as an extra wavelength to the cold laser therapy, blue LED therapy, enhanced vibrations and heat therapy to provide medical grade pain therapy to larger surface areas.

IASO Ultra will also be launching on Indiegogo very soon. You can check out the pre-launch page here, and you can even sign up to be the first to hear about its official launch.


With CES only being a few days away, we are extremely thrilled for this event. If you are a virtual attendee, you can check us out as you will be able to learn about these flagship products in depth.

Can't wait? You can purchase IASO right now for 10% off by clicking here. The sale is only here for a limited time, so make sure to get it before it ends!

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