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IASO Technology: On the Cutting Edge of AgeTech

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) displayed innovative technologies across several industries, many of the heavy-hitters being from the automotive and healthcare industries. The event – attended by 180,000 people – was packed with over 4,500 exhibitors ready to show and discuss their cutting-edge tech with onlookers, tech professionals, and investors. Whether they were one of the 1,200 start-ups or an established leader in technological innovation, CES was not in short supply of head-turning gadgets and software.

One of the stars of the show, commended by both LongevityTechnology and IBC, was WellsCare’s IASO. IASO is a top contender in health tech: a compact wearable personal massager that utilizes light therapy massage (LTM) to provide fast, effective pain relief. Light Therapy has over 100 years of research supporting it and has yet to be found to have any negative side effects. It works by emitting therapeutic wavelengths (650nm + 830 nm) to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the site of pain.

The three massage modes can be used for different levels of pain relief, whether you need to get rid of minor tension or use the vibration features to deal with deeper pain. The different modes and adaptability of the personal massager make it an ideal tool for combatting both short-term and long-term pain without having to take risky, addictive medications.

WellsCare designed the hands-free device to be used as a lifestyle health product, ready for use whenever, wherever. This is right on par with the growing trend of innovative personal care products in the health industry, as shown by the presence of other health-rated technologies such as EnvisionBody’s AR application for weight loss and Black+Decker’s “Pria,” an in-home smart home hub for pharmaceutical help.

These devices also illustrate the necessity of developing new technologies for our aging counterparts. As people live longer due to better-informed, high-quality healthcare, they need ways to increase the comfort with which they go about their daily lives. AgeTech helps to accomplish this by addressing typically overlooked challenges of daily life for elders or people who experience chronic medical conditions. IASO is just one of many technological innovations that are beginning to fill the gap in improving accessibility to convenient, remote health care for those that need it most.

It can be applied directly onto the body wherever one is experiencing pain. IASO features 3 modes of operation designed to help the wearer feel relief from muscle strains, aches, even deep arthritic pain. The first mode is the red-light therapy only, and the other 2 are varying massage cycles that help increase blood flow to the affect region to help speed up healing.

IASO is a class 1 FDA -registered cold laser (red light) therapy device and is safe for everyday use due to its very few negative side effects. This fact coupled with the healing properties that red-light therapy can induce, as well as the compact size of this device make the IASO a very effective solution for anyone suffering pain from muscle aches, strains, or arthritis.

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