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IASO Loved by Athletes All Over The World!

IASO is demonstrating tremendous success to the public with its great effects of cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy, also known as low level light therapy, has been proven to be very effective for sports injuries.

Last week, we introduced Ben Leber--our newest brand ambassador for IASO, but he’s not the only athlete admiring our product. IASO just happens to be loved by many other athletes, not only in the United States, but all over the world. They have been boasting about their speedy recovery process via the cold laser therapy product, and they love the fact that it’s so small yet powerful.

Let’s see what some of these athletes have to say about IASO!

1) Seung Joon Lee (a.k.a Eric Sandrin), Former Basketball Player

Lee recently starred as the model of the most recent IASO promotional video.

The former basketball player played in the Korean Basketball League, and he also played for the University of Portland during his collegiate career. He uses IASO on a daily basis and adores the ultramodern technology that eases his pain and tension.


2) Kadleen Corbin, A Nike London Athlete

Corbin is from the United Kingdom and she has been using IASO to treat her pain. Corbin has felt immediate relief in just 24 hours, and she began to see close to no pain at all in just 48 hours.


3) Ms. Basketball, Women's Basketball Player

Ms. Basketball has been using her personal IASO to relieve all types of pain all over her body, especially in the knees that she uses a lot during her practices and games. No wonder she loves it! The cold laser therapy in IASO works PERFECTLY in joint areas, such as the knees!


4) Rebecca Johnston, Canadian National Women's Team Hockey Player

Did we mention that Rebecca's a three-time Olympics medalist? She rocks her IASOs whenever she’s not training on the ice rink for a quick and speedy recovery!


5) Lorraine Ugen, Olympic Track Finalist

Ugen has definitely seen her share of pain relief while using IASO. She uses it before and after her track practices if she has any type of pain. She loves that it’s portable so she can take it with her wherever--even to her track practices to get that every last bit of therapy up until practice time.


Nevertheless, IASO is praised by world renowned athletes from all across the globe. The powerful effects of such a small gadget has shown its value to athletes that are constantly experiencing injuries or pain.

Besides sports injuries, it’s perfect for any type of pain or tension. Best of all, you can carry it around with you wherever you are because it’s so compact.

With the holiday season coming up, IASO would perfect gift for your friends and family. It’s not too late to get IASO as a gift for the upcoming holidays.

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