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Red Light Therapy 101: What is it and Can it Help YOU?

While once the subject of science fiction tales, practical uses of lasers have now become science FACT. Lasers are being implemented in a variety of applications in current times and one exciting and burgeoning area is that of treating patients suffering from certain medical conditions.

Red light therapy, also known as cold laser, or low-level laser, is a low power red light that was initially created to experiment with the growth of plants in space. Scientists discovered that the low wavelength red laser light helped promote photosynthesis in plants this increasing their ability to grow in a variety of conditions. As the experiments showed promise, scientific study was then performed on humans to see if these lasers could be used as effective treatments for those suffering with a variety of maladies.


Inside each human cell is the “power generator” called mitochondria, and within that is a molecule called ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate. It is ATP which is responsible for energy production within cells. Experiments have been conducted and seem to show that by directing beams of red-light layers at certain areas of the body, the mitochondria are strengthened and as such, are able to produce more ATP. More ATP production means more energy.

As the cell’s energy is increased, it can provide much needed help in areas of the body that are in need of treatment to speed up the natural healing process. So, the laser itself is not necessarily “healing” or fixing a condition within the body, but instead, it is helping strengthen certain areas so the body can do the healing more effectively.


Red light therapy has been shown to aid in healing or treating a variety of issues including:

  • Aiding in the healing of wounds

  • Speeding up/supporting hair growth

  • Diminishing the appearance of scars

  • Speeding up healing of skin issues due to sun damage

  • Pain relief from strains, sprains or general muscle aches


Wellscare, a company dedicated to helping people realize pain relief, has recently introduced a product called IASO which combines the healing properties of red-light therapy and gentle massage therapy in one small device. IASO is a small circular device that is remote controlled. It can be applied directly onto the body wherever one is experiencing pain. IASO features 3 modes of operation designed to help the wearer feel relief from muscle strains, aches, even deep arthritic pain. The first mode is the red-light therapy only, and the other 2 are varying massage cycles that help increase blood flow to the affect region to help speed up healing.

IASO is a class 3R cold laser (red light) therapy device and is safe for everyday use due to its very few negative side effects. This fact coupled with the healing properties that red-light therapy can induce, as well as the compact size of this device make the IASO a very effective solution for anyone suffering pain from muscle aches, strains, or arthritis.

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