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Tired of frequent aches? Thinking of visiting a pain management clinic or pain management doctors? You need not worry, as we have done all the hard work for you. IASO is an extremely effective, reliable, comfortable, portable and a safe cold laser massager for curing joint and muscle pains.


IASO is a sophisticated yet modern and a compact massager that lets you enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home. It is a Smart IoT Relief Device which helps get rid of prolonged downtime caused by surgeries and complicated procedures for pain relief. Based on cold laser technology, with IASO you can bring this innovative technology to the comfort of your home for faster pain relief at a reasonable cost. 


IASO uses low level laser therapy and cold laser treatment to relieve pain areas and for helping you to deal with chronic pain management successfully. 


Cold laser therapy is one of the most innovative and latest technologies to enter the market which offers the best treatment for back pain. It is a low intensity laser therapy and stimulates healing of the body tissues. It is called as ‘cold’ laser technology as  it utilizes low level of lights that do not heat the body tissue or cause any damage. 


It is also known as low level laser therapy or red light pain relief therapy. Chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports and medical professionals utilize this

therapy for the following health conditions:


  • Chronic back pain

  • Joint pain relief

  • Neck pain treatment

  • Back pain treatment

  • Shoulder pain treatment

  • Chronic pain treatment

  • Chronic pain management

  • Sciatica pain relief

  • Lower back pain remedies

During this process of using cold laser technology devices and laser therapy for pain, a low level of light is applied to the targeted area and is absorbed by the body tissue. This low intensity red light causes a physiological reaction in the  damaged cells that ultimately causes regeneration and relief from pain.


The best part about this technology is its non-invasive nature and is a completely painless procedure. This deep tissue laser therapy is the most advanced alternative to old school technologies including surgery or acupuncture. 

Maximize the effects of cold laser therapy and treat hard to reach areas of the body for pain relief. Low level cold laser therapy devices and cold laser therapy machines particularly have been shown to be quite effective in relieving pain and for improving the blood flow in a number of research based clinical studies. 

IASO is your best friend after a stressful day to help you relax and feel relieved from muscle and joint pain. All you need is to sit back and Relax. Let IASO give you the ultimate home massage experience.

The Wellscare device utilizes light therapy massage (LTM) technology. Light Therapy has been researched for more than 100 years – showing it is something you can trust, and there have been numerous studies and papers written on this subject. Light therapy increases blood flow to the area and improved blood circulation is considered one of laser therapy's greatest contributions to pain relief.


With LTM, you won’t experience any pain, stress, nor side effects. It emits light in very specific therapeutic wavelengths (650nm + 830nm) so no drugs are needed. In addition to red light therapy are rhythmic vibrations, which enhances the massage to give you relief from pain areas.


The Wellscare device offers three different modes which users can easily cycle through by clicking its single button. The first mode is the light therapy only mode. The second mode adds vibration for a massage. The third mode offers rhythmical vibration.

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